Sync Users and Groups to ACL of .snapshots

Arvin Schnell, 30 January 2014

Snapper can now sync the users and groups from the ALLOW_USERS and ALLOW_GROUPS settings to the ACL of the .snapshots directory, thus ensuring the required permissions as described in snapper.

Suppose you have already the config “home_tux” for the home directory of the user “tux”. All you need is to enable syncing of the ACL and allow the user “tux” to work with the config:

snapper -c home_tux set-config SYNC_ACL=yes ALLOW_USERS=tux

Snapper has now added “tux” to the ACL:

getfacl -p /home/tux/.snapshots
# file: /home/tux/.snapshots
# owner: root
# group: root

This feature is available in snapper since version 0.2.0.