Greg Kroah-Hartman and Matthias Eckermann play sysadmins and ruin a web server configuration.

Arvin Schnell (lead developer) at FOSDEM 2012

Demo at SUSECon 2012 in Orlando

Server Side Snapper

This video demonstrates Snapper and Samba working in conjunction to handle File Server Remote VSS Protocol (FSRVP) snapshot creation requests. In doing so, Samba triggers the creation of a snapshot via Snapper's D-Bus interface, and then proceeds to expose the snapshot as a new Samba share.

This video shows how the Samba File Server Remote VSS Protocol (FSRVP) client can be used to create, expose and remove share snapshots on a remote Windows server.

This video shows Snapper and Samba cooperating to expose snapshots to a remote Windows client. The Windows client is able to access the snapshot via the Windows Explorer previous versions dialog.